Automate boring things!

Introducing opsdroid, a Python 3 chat-ops bot.

Open source. Simple to install. Easy to extend.

pip3 install opsdroid

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Open Source, Extendable, Scalable and Simple

Designed to take messages from chat services and execute Python functions (skills) based on their contents.

All your needs in one single framework.


Connector modules transfer messages between opsdroid and a particular chat service.

Facebook GitHub Gitter Mattermost Matrix Shell Slack Telegram Webex Teams Websocket


Database modules allow opsdroid to persist information in a database of your choice.

SQLite MongoDB Redis


Parsers/Matchers modules gather meaning of what was said and match a skill.

Parser Format Regex Dialogflow Luis.AI Rasa Crontab Watson Webhook Always SAP Conversational AI Event


Skills are what makes opsdroid tick. They define how opsdroid should respond and what actions to take.